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Mentors (english)

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(open russian version)

Mentors or experts will help you with technologies or other issues during your work! Also they will make short hands-on course.


Peter Mika

Area: Search Technologies.

Work at Yahoo! Research Barcelona.


Peter is a researcher working on the topic of semantic search at Yahoo Research in Barcelona, Spain. Peter also serves as a Data Architect for Yahoo Search, advising the team on issues related to knowledge representation. Peter is a frequent speaker at events, a regular contributor to the Semantic Web Gang podcast series and a blogger at blog.




Vladimir Gorovoy

State University of St.Petersburg, Faculty of system programming, 2004 года.

Head of Yandex.Services.


Vladimir works in the field of software development and internet services since 2002 and has experience at outsourcing development (Star Software, now Exigen Services), and the development of boxed products (Borland Developer Studio). Since 2004 has been teaching, currently teaches courses "Information Technologies in Management" and "Information and Communication Technologies", and conducts workshops on courses "Enterprise Information Systems" and "Business Intelligence" in GSOM.




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