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Open Data Hackathon (english)

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Please type as many as possible information about you, your experience, skills, and desirable role in the team. If you have idea - please describe it.

(open russian version)

Hello dear friends! October 6-7, 2012 - we invite all developers who want to make something useful and interesting for government or society. You will have great possibility to show how is you good in fast programming on Open Data Hackathon! During 24 hours you will be able to create public service, get amazing experience of working in the team and of course new knowledge. Show that you are the best! And best team will be rewarded!


What is Open Data?

This is structered data published by government and organizations. You can get access to this data by API or it could be published as permanent file in one of the existing formats (like, XML, Semantic Web). 

On the event:

- pitches of mentors and experts who will speak about suggested API or data shortly. Also they will help during the event.

- 24 hours marathon!

- game zone, networking and team competition


Here the list of teams.


What do you mean "application"?

Application is a web-service, mobile application, mashup or other development solution. 

Will certain tasks?

Only your team will decide what the app you will create. But some interesting tasks will be suggested by organizations and our partners. You will be able to choose one of them. Here the list of tasks for developers.


Which application can I do?

We will provide the list of desirable set of data, API, web sites where you can find open data and etc. useful information and toolkits. You can use it! Your main goal is to create public service which will use open data from any sources. Here the list of such information.


Catalogue of open data.


Have questions? See FAQ or email inxaoc@gmail.com.

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